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Functional medicine uses scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing and therapies other than drugs or surgery to restore balance in the human body’s physiological processes.
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Let Food Be Thy Medicine…

…And medicine be thy food.
–  Hippocrates
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Welcome to Wholesome House

Our Mission:

Wholesome House is devoted to providing individuals with personalized healthcare focused on the root cause using a whole body approach. Our mission is to evaluate, educate, empower, and care for our clients so that they may experience life optimally and find personal fulfillment in healthy living.

Functional Medicine

Personalized Healthcare

Rather than addressing health conditions as isolated diseases, functional medicine focuses on the individual and the underlying imbalances or dysfunctions to reestablish health.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

State-of-the-art lab testing and scientific principles are used to determine an individual’s overall health status.


Natural therapies including nutritional changes, supplementation, and lifestyle interventions are used to usher the body into a state of well being.

Online Skype Consultation

Professional Answers Only a Phone Call Away

For your convenience, our services are made available to you in the privacy of your own home; no driving time, waiting rooms, or doctors’ offices. Consultations, first appointments, and all follow-up visits are conducted via Skype. Although we prefer face-to-face interaction, we understand that video calls are not available to everyone. Therefore, standard phone calls are also offered. Don’t have Skype? No problem! Just click the button below to download Skype for free.

What makes you different from other healthcare professionals?

We see you as more than your condition. We use advanced diagnostic testing to get to the root cause of your symptoms and design a care plan that is specific to you. Furthermore, we recognize when you are moving toward pathology and take action before it becomes a serious problem. We use diet, lifestyle behaviors, and supplements rather than drugs or surgery to help you regain your health.

Do you take insurance?

We do not accept payment from insurance. We feel it best that we design your care plan without any interference or dictatorship from third party sources to insure the best results possible. We make it simple for you to make your payments online.

What is your cancellation policy?
The deadline to cancel at no cost is 24 hours before your scheduled appointment and can be done using our scheduling site. If you miss the cancellation deadline but still need to cancel your appointment, you may contact us at Please be aware that this will result in a $50 late cancellation fee.

As a 52 year old, I struggled with symptoms like migraines, ear ringing, and hand numbness. I used to drop my alarm clock, coffee cup, lunch bag, etc. Dr. Amy advised me on a new way of eating and supplementation, educated me on food and inflammation, and motivated me with her passion for healthy living. I weighed 125 lbs and felt like I ate pretty well. I was wrong! Not only did I make the changes, which made my symptoms go away, my eyes have been opened to a whole new way of life. I am now 52 years young!

After unsuccessfully trying many different diets, I began working with Dr. Anthony so that I could find something that worked for me. The customized plan didn’t feel restricting like other diets have. He has great compassion and was able to motivate me because he cared, created a non-judgmental setting, and met me where I was. I received the latest information and was able to apply the tools to evolve into a healthier person. I’ve been empowered to succeed in a healthy lifestyle and I have never felt better.

After years of feeling depressed, exhausted, constipated, inflamed, and irritable, experiencing skin problems, joint pain, brain fog, weight gain, and visual problems, I was exhausted and ready to give up as no doctor I saw could help. I went to so many different doctors with varying specialties, who said maybe it’s this, maybe it’s that and wanted me to take another pill. Finally after following a personalized program from Dr. Anthony and Dr. Amy, I started feeling better by the 3rd week and I’m on the road to recovery.

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